The Leigh Spinners Mill is one of the most important mill complexes in the UK and has been described as the finest late era mill. It is almost unique in being an intact double mill complete with engine houses, mill lodge and chimney. As a result it has been Listed at Grade II*.

A major feature of the mill is its steam engine, possibly the last surviving engine to have been placed within a mill and the largest of its type.

The first mill was constructed in 1913 to 1915 and was followed by the second built between 1923 and 1925. The two mills aren’t quite identical but appear so at first glance. Mill Number 2 was one of the last mills ever built and may be the last surviving original mill.

The mill is almost unique in having a long relationship with the Horrocks family and the story of its founder is described elsewhere.

In its heyday the mill employed nearly 800 persons and had a canteen, playing fields and even showers.

The Horrocks family played a major part in the life of Leigh with both the founder and his son being Mayors of the town. The adjoining Bedford Park was donated to the people of Leigh by the family as were a number of stained glass windows and other features in Bedford Church.