Textile Machinery

Team Leader Derek Bird
A heritage cotton mill without textile machinery is like a sweet shop without sweets!  There are huge plans for the heritage sections of Leigh Spinners Mills and the core of these plans is our display of working textile machinery.  To achieve our objectives we will need a group of people to work on renovating and rebuilding our historic cotton processing and spinning machines.  We are fortunate to have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers to guide you through the whole renovation and building process.
The cotton industry had many incredible inventors and innovators and this could be your opportunity to work on their inventions.  Plus the finished machinery will need maintenance and operators when fully installed.  We are already renovating and re-building carding and spinning equipment in Mill 2 Scutching (yes, that’s the right word, Google it!) Room, where there will be a small display adjacent to our engine house.  Mill 1 with a whole floor of working cotton processing machinery will be an impressive sight, to say the least.  If you have the inclination to help with this huge project come along and get involved, we will guide you through each of our projects and help you achieve your objectives.