Promotion/ Events

Team Leader - Colin Savage
The work of our volunteers is wasted if the community resource and heritage centre isn’t known by the public and other interested parties.  We need to get the message about Leigh Spinners Mills out there to the local community and to the wider audience of visitors to our site.  Our promotions team will be organising various themed events at the mill which will require on-sight supporting decoration and organisation plus off site advertising support.  We have a range of souvenirs for visitors to the mill which is being constantly expanded.
The promotions team will support all of our colleagues with promotional materials where needed throughout the mills and for any external promotions which Leigh Spinners Mill is involved with.  Our job is to advertise and promote visits to the mill and ensure that the visitors have a positive experience while they are here.  This is an interesting, fun and creative role and if you would like to be a part of it come and have a chat with us.