Heritage/ Archives

Team Leader - Josh Southward
The Leigh Spinners Mill complex are Grade II listed buildings.  Construction started on the site in 1913, with cotton production commencing in 1915 and Mill 2 completed on the site in 1925.  We are fortunate to have inherited a wealth of documents, plans and information dating back prior to the construction of the first mill, right through to today.  The Leigh Spinners Mill company are meticulous record keepers and this will provide us with a detailed history of not only the mills and their operation and development but a clear insight into the evolution of the cotton industry through the twentieth century.  We have already experienced several ‘Eureka’ moments as key documents have come to light, for example uncovered plans for a third, or even fourth mill to be built at the existing site, or the original estimate for the manufacture and installation of our mill steam engine.
If you are fascinated by the history of these mills, or the documents and plans that were produced over the years or have a mind to sort, catalogue and organise this vast quantity of documents we have inherited, we would love to hear from you.  When the archive is fully established it is likely to be the only detailed and comprehensive collection in existence to record the construction and evolution of the Lancashire cotton mills.