Team Leader Phil Aspinall
The main, and undoubtedly the biggest, attraction to our site is our mill’s huge steam engine.  For those technically minded, it is a twin, horizontal cross compound condensing engine of 2500 horse power, the third largest surviving mill engine in the UK and possibly the world.  It’s a Beauty and a Beast, the engine has been renovated over a number of years to bring it back to the original standard.  It needs lots of time and attention to keep this magnificent piece of equipment in good health.
If you are an engineer, have experience of steam engines, have a vast knowledge of mill engines or years of experience in the operation of such a huge project, of course we want to hear from you.  But if, like many of our team, you have an interest or passion for these huge steam engines and would like the opportunity to work closer with them and learn more about them, then come and have a chat with us.  We never tire of talking about our engine and will be pleased to share our knowledge and guidance with new volunteers.
Oh, did we mention that our future plans including re-installing a steam engine in the other mill?  We have already sourced the engine and you could be a part of building a newly installed steam engine - which is a rare experience anywhere in the world.