Get involved…

Leigh Spinners Mill is one of the largest, most exciting, combined community and heritage projects in the North West of England, probably in the whole of the UK.  With assistance from Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic England, Sport England, Wigan MBC and other supporters the Grade II listed buildings are being renovated and persevered for future generations.
Leigh, like other mill towns across the North West of England, developed on the three C’s – Coal, Cotton, Canals.  Here at Leigh Spinners Mills we are bringing back the valuable heritage of cotton and the mills to our town for our future generations to learn and to enjoy.  Construction work began on the Mill 2 building in 2015 and has reached a point where tenants and a whole sports floor commenced in 2018.  Alongside this, a heritage centre has been developed in Mill 2 and the neglected (since mid 1970s) steam engine has undergone renovation and been restored.  Our development work continues to complete our objectives for Mill 2 (almost fully occupied) and to begin our development for Mill 1, which will increase both the community areas and heritage areas.
We are extremely grateful to everyone who has worked on this huge project so far, our progress to date is entirely due to their hard work.  Our volunteers are the valuable backbone of this entire task, we need them and we need more of them as we continue to develop what will become the largest cotton heritage centre in the North West, probably the largest in the UK.
There are a wide range of tasks available for our volunteers, from basic to very advanced – and every single one of them is valued.  We have a wide age range of volunteers from young to, errrm, older!  It’s a fantastic team of people who all come together with one common objective, not only are we volunteers, we have also become good friends.
Not sure what you would like to do?  Not sure where you could fit in?  Not sure how much time you can commit?  Come along and have a chat with us, we will be happy to give you more information and advice, and you can see what a nice group of people we really are!  We have ‘teams’ to help us to achieve our objectives in specific areas, but these are not boundaries, our volunteers move around to help where they can and get involved where they are most interested.
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