School Trips

Leigh Spinners Mill offer both full day and half day school trips.

We can offer different activities to fit in with the national curriculum and topics for your school or year groups particular needs.

The Mill offers a wealth of hands on experiences to develop youngsters understanding of history. We are currently looking at the history of Leigh, protecting our heritage, engineers from the past and building engineers for the future.
Three local primary schools and a secondary school are working with us to develop a programme that offers young people an exciting and purposeful day. A cross-curricular approach is used for primary students. They get the opportunity to investigate original documents, handle artefacts and interview mill workers. Learning experiences could also include drawings of the engine and a D&T activity. All of the experiences are guided by the National Curriculum.
A small fee of £2 will be charged to cover the cost of resources.
If you would like to plan your own bespoke visit, you are more than welcome to contact us to plan a meeting at the Mill.