The Leigh Spinners Mill Development project offers the residents of Leigh and surrounding areas an exciting opportunity to develop new community, leisure and employment facilities in one of Leigh’s most important buildings. The Leigh Spinners Mill is a Grade II* Listed Building, putting it in one of the highest categories of protected buildings in the UK. The mill was opened in 1915 after two years of construction and was developed by the Leigh Spinners Company which remains in occupation and which will remain as part of this project.The original design for the site included a second mill that was completed in 1923, after the delays brought by the Great War. THe resulting twin mill is almost unique now as a survivor of the last great mill-building generation in this country. A major feature of the mill is the existence of the original steam engine in Number 2 Mill. This is in need of restoration but the repair of the engine house roof, and the removal of asbestos to make the room safe, have been completed and allowed hundreds of visitors already to appreciate the third largest steam engine in England, the restoration of which has begun, and will be a key part of the project.